Does The World Consist of 2D Images?

Photogrammetry Best Practices
photogrammetry photos 3D

An Introduction to Quaternions

Promoting methodological diversity in spatial rotation.
quaternions rotation dynamics calculations 3D conference

I Solder but I'm not a Soldier

AC⚡DC for my mother-in-law
soldering electronics tinkering

The 'Querdenken' Peace Demo in Leipzig, November 7, 2020

Should PhD students participate in political rallyes?

Procrustes Superimposition - Again!

If you copy code, copy it right
Procrustes calculations

Stereo Camera Calibration

2D images in a 3D world
videography calibration cameras

The N-segment piglet limb

Inverse Dynamics: Application
forces dynamics calculations

D'Alamberts Arm

Inverse Dynamics: Elementary Example 4
forces dynamics calculations