PhD notes

About this website.

Falk Mielke, University of Antwerp, December 1, 2021

Since the end of 2017, I am a PhD Student at the University of Antwerp. I study the locomotion of piglets with various non-invasive techniques (force recordings, high-speed videography, x-ray videos, inertial measurement sensors). Besides my regular project, many side tracks lead me to explore things that are exciting, challenging, sometimes frustrating, or even beautiful. Usually, I acquire technical skills or learn something about the broad general context of my studies. Some of these side tracks are publishable, others are not.

This blog is an assembly of such personal achievements, which are not fit for publication. This does not mean they are less interesting. On the contrary, if you find them herein, I found them worth documenting. But usually they are just a compendium of known things, brought to the context of my PhD project. It is my way of publicly gathering appendix chapters for my PhD thesis.

I hope this knowledge can be of use for you, and wish you a pleasant reading.

Because knowledge accumulates and may even change, I will (or will not) accumulate and adjust the blog posts at my own taste. This might well be triggered by you, if you decide to leave a meaningful comment. I will moderate comments openly and generously, but please do not feel disappointed if you receive no response. I will also reject comments which I find inappropriate, without further explanation.

Header Artwork History:

Maja Mielke (2019): Steampunk piglet. Original drawing. Kindly prepared on demand for a research day poster.

Jef Lambeaux (1898): Charles Darwin met allegorische figuur. Foto (2018). KMDA/Zoo Antwerpen.